Name: Lina
Username: Trapping
Age: 19
Home: Sweden
Occupation: Student (studying computergame design, 3d)

I've been playing The Sims 2 since spring 2008 and creating for the game since early 2009. During the last couple of years I've uploaded items to a whole bunch of sites, the most common being GoS, MTS, my LJ, TBTO and my tumblr (links to all of these sites can be found under the "links"-tab). I usually make BodyShop and HomeCrafter-stuff, but I also have basic knowledge in how to make objects.

Some random fact is that I'm a chocolate addict, my favorite author is Stephen King, I often listen to audiobooks when I create, I love tv-series like Dr Who, Supernatural, Misfits, Teen Wolf, Project Runway, Top Model etc. and my favorite band is Kaizers Orchestra.
If you have any questions regarding who I am or about my simming-experiences or anything, feel free to contact me. Info on how to do that can be found under the "contact"-tab :)